Blouse - Short & Long Sleeves

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Alicia L. Blouse Angela Cotton Blouse Anna Pearl Shirt
Alicia L. BlouseAngela Cotton BlouseAnna Pearl Shirt
Material: Lace S: Length: 59cm, Sleeves: 57cm, Shoulder: 34.5cm, Bust: 79.5cm, Waist: 67cm M: Length: 60cm, Sleeves: 58cm, Shoulder: 35.5cm, Bust: 83.5cm, Waist: 71cm L: Length: 61cm, Sleeves: 59cm, Shoulder: 36.5cm, Bust: 87.5cm, Waist: 75cm XL:...

Material: Cotton S: Bust: 82cm, Shoulder: 34cm, Length: 56cm, Sleeves: 55cm M: Bust: 86cm, Shoulder: 35cm, Length: 57cm, Sleeves: 56cm L: Bust: 90cm, Shoulder: 36cm, Length: 58cm, Sleeves: 57cm XL: Bust: 94cm, Shoulder: 37cm, Length: 59cm, Sleeves: 58cm

Material: Denim S: Length: 63cm, Bust: 87cm, Waist: 82cm, Shoulder: 35.5cm, Sleeves: 60cm M: Length: 64cm, Bust: 91cm, Waist: 86cm, Shoulder: 36.5cm, Sleeves: 61cm L: Length: 65cm, Bust: 95cm, Waist: 90cm, Shoulder: 37.5cm, Sleeves: 62cm XL:...





Brandy Chiffon Blouse Britney Lace Blouse Callie Lace Blouse
Brandy Chiffon BlouseBritney Lace BlouseCallie Lace Blouse
Material: Chiffon S: Shoulder: 35cm, Length: 59cm, Bust: 88cm M: Shoulder: 36cm, Length: 60cm, Bust: 92cm L: Shoulder: 37cm, Length: 61cm, Bust: 96cm XL: Shoulder: 38cm, Length: 62cm, Bust: 100cmMaterial: Lace S: Shoulder: 33cm, Bust: 80cm, Waist: 70cm, Sleeves: 59cm, Length: 66cm M: Shoulder: 34cm, Bust: 84cm, Waist: 74cm, Sleeves: 59.5cm, Length: 67cm L: Shoulder: 35cm, Bust: 88cm, Waist: 78cm, Sleeves: 60cm, Length: 68cm L: Shoulder:...

Material: Lace Shoulder: 35CM, Bust: 89CM , Length: 60.5CM, Sleeves: 31CM




Candice White Blouse Cassandra Chiffon Blouse Cassandra's Lace Blouse
Candice White BlouseCassandra Chiffon BlouseCassandra's Lace Blouse
Material: Cotton S: Length: 57cm, Shoulder: 33cm, Bust: 82cm, Sleeves: 58cm, Hem: 89cm M: Length: 59cm, Shoulder: 34cm, Bust: 86cm, Sleeves: 59cm, Hem: 93cm L: Length: 61cm, Shoulder: 35cm, Bust: 90cm, Sleeves: 60cm, Hem: 97cm XL: Length: 62cm, Shoulder: 36cm, Bust: 94cm, Sleeves: 61cm, Hem: 100cm

Material: Chiffon S: Bust: 98cm, Length: 64-75cm M: Bust: 100cm, Length: 66-76cm L: Bust: 102cm, Length: 67-77cm XL: Bust: 104cm, Length: 67-78cm

Material: Cambric S: Length: 65cm, Bust: 90cm, Waist: 86cm, Shoulder: 37cm M: Length: 66cm, Bust: 94cm, Waist: 90cm, Shoulder: 38cm L: Length: 67cm, Bust: 98cm, Waist: 94cm, Shoulder: 39cm XL: Length: 68cm, Bust: 102cm, Waist: 98cm, Shoulder:...






Christel Pearl Blouse Daisy Chiffon Blouse Demi Lace Blouse
Christel Pearl BlouseDaisy Chiffon BlouseDemi Lace Blouse

Material: Polyester S: Shoulder: 33cm, Bust: 79cm, Waist: 70cm, Length: 66cm, Sleeves: 58cm M: Shoulder: 34cm, Bust: 83cm, Waist: 74cm, Length: 67cm, Sleeves: 58.5cm L: Shoulder: 35cm, Bust: 87cm, Waist: 78cm, Length: 68cm, Sleeves: 59cm XL:...

Material: Chiffon S: Length: 62cm, Shoulder: 35cm, Bust: 84cm M: Length: 64cm, Shoulder: 36cm, Bust: 88cm L: Length: 66cm, Shoulder: 37cm, Bust: 92cm XL: Length: 68cm, Shoulder: 38cm, Bust: 96cmMaterial: Cotton S: Shoulder: 37cm, Bust: 102cm, Waist: 56-86cm, Length: 64cm M: Shoulder: 38cm, Bust: 106cm, Waist: 58-88cm, Length: 66cm L: Shoulder: 39cm, Bust: 110cm, Waist: 60-92cm, Length: 68cm XL: Shoulder: 40cm, Bust: 114cm, Waist: 62-96cm, Length: 70cm







Dorothy White Blouse Floral Print Casual Blouse Foey Lace Set
Dorothy White BlouseFloral Print Casual BlouseFoey Lace Set
Material: Pearl Chiffon S: Length: 58cm, Shoulder: 34cm, Bust: 92cm, Waist: 86cm, Sleeves: 59cm M: Length: 59cm, Shoulder: 35cm, Bust: 96cm, Waist: 90cm, Sleeves: 60cm L: Length: 60cm, Shoulder: 36cm, Bust: 100cm, Waist: 94cm, Sleeves: 61cm

Material: Cotton Blend S: Length: 61cm, Shoulder: 36cm, Bust: 88cm, Sleeves: 58cm M: Length: 62cm, Shoulder: 37cm, Bust: 92cm, Sleeves: 58.5cm L: Length: 63cm, Shoulder: 38cm, Bust: 96cm, Sleeves: 59cm XL: Length: 64cm, Shoulder: 39cm, Bust:...

Material: Cotton and Lace S: Outer Lace - Length: 60cm, Shoulder: 52cm, Sleeves: 23cm, Bust: 90cm, Singlet Length: 56cm, Waist: 64cm, Bust: 68cm M: Outer Lace - Length: 61cm, Shoulder: 53cm, Sleeves: 24cm, Bust: 94cm, Singlet Length: 57cm, Waist:...





Gigi White Blouse Heidi Cotton Blouse Jamie Chiffon Blouse
Gigi White BlouseHeidi Cotton BlouseJamie Chiffon Blouse

Material: Cotton and Polyester S: Length: 63cm, Bust: 86cm, Shoulder: 37cm, Sleeves: 20cm, Hem: 132cm M: Length: 64cm, Bust: 90cm, Shoulder: 38cm, Sleeves: 20.4cm, Hem: 136cm L: Length: 65cm, Bust: 94cm, Shoulder: 39cm, Sleeves: 20.8cm, Hem:...

Material: Cotton S: Shoulder: 38cm, Bust: 100cm, Waist: 96cm, Length: 66cm M: Shoulder: 39cm, Bust: 104cm, Waist: 100cm, Length: 67cm L: Shoulder: 40cm, Bust: 108cm, Waist: 104cm, Length: 68cm XL: Shoulder: 41cm, Bust: 112cm, Waist: 108cm, Length: 69cm

Material: Chiffon S: Length: 57cm, Bust: 86cm, Shoulder: 33cm, Hem: 93cm M: Length: 58cm, Bust: 90cm, Shoulder: 34cm, Hem: 97cm L: Length: 59cm, Bust: 94cm, Shoulder: 35cm, Hem: 101cm XL: Length: 60cm, Bust: 98cm, Shoulder: 36cm, Hem: 105cm






Joanne Julie Chiffon Blouse June CC Tee
JoanneJulie Chiffon BlouseJune CC Tee
Material: Cotton S: Shoulder: 34cm, Bust: 88cm, Length: 66cm, Sleeves: 18cm M: Shoulder: 35cm, Bust: 92cm, Length: 67cm, Sleeves: 18.5cm L: Shoulder: 36cm, Bust: 96cm, Length: 68cm, Sleeves: 19cm XL: Shoulder: 37cm, Bust: 100cm, Length: 69cm, Sleeves: 19.5cm

Material: Chiffon S: Shoulder: 32cm, Bust: 88cm, Length: 61cm M: Shoulder: 33cm, Bust: 92cm, Length: 62cm L: Shoulder: 34cm, Bust: 96cm, Length: 63cm XL: Shoulder: 35cm, Bust: 100cm, Length: 64cm

Materia: Chiffon S: Length: 75cm, Sleeves: 14cm, Shoulder: 36cm, Bust: 87.5cm M: Length: 76cm, Sleeves: 15cm, Shoulder: 37cm, Bust: 91.5cm L: Length: 77cm, Sleeves: 16cm, Shoulder: 38cm, Bust: 95.5cm XL: Length: 78cm, Sleeves: 17cm, Shoulder: 39cm, Bust: 99.5cm






Kellie Lace Blouse Laila Chiffon Blouse Lilly
Kellie Lace BlouseLaila Chiffon BlouseLilly

Material: Lace and Chiffon (this is not sold as set but just blouse seperately) S: Length: 62cm, Shoulder: 33cm, Bust: 84cm, Sleeves: 19cm M: Length: 63cm, Shoulder: 34cm, Bust: 89cm, Sleeves: 20cm L: Length: 64cm, Shoulder: 35cm, Bust: 92cm,...

Material: Chiffon S: Shoulder: 31cm, Bust: 80cm Waist: 82cm, Length: 66cm M: Shoulder: 33cm, Bust: 84cm Waist: 86cm, Length: 68cm L: Shoulder: 35cm, Bust: 88cm Waist: 90cm, Length: 70cm XL: Shoulder: 37cm, Bust: 92cm Waist: 94cm, Length: 72cm

Material: Cotton S: Bust: 92cm, Shoulder: 33cm, Length: 78cm, Sleeves: 54cm M: Bust: 96cm, Shoulder: 34cm, Length: 79cm, Sleeves: 55cm L: Bust: 100cm, Shoulder: 35cm, Length: 80cm, Sleeves: 64cm XL: Bust: 104cm, Shoulder: 36cm, Length: 81cm, Sleeves: 57cm